Irish Stand up comedian. Performs at venues around the world. Actor on the television. Occasionally writes for magazines, websites etc. Even TV shows (get in touch!)

​You might know me from such things as

  • BBC Radio 4 –  Newsquiz, Where’s The F In News?, Breaking The News
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival
  • RTE’s Irish Pictorial Weekly
  • Comedy Central’s Alternative Comedy Experience
  • Social Media… Twitter, Instagram etc
  • Irish Times Articles
  • Live Stand Up Comedy gigs (Comedy Store, Glee, Komedia, Banana Cabaret etc)

Edinburgh Shows

  • 2019 Enjoying The Spotlight Responsibly Banshee Labyrinth
  • 2018 Success Without A Sextape Banshee Labyrinth
  • 2017 People Pleaser  Banshee Labyrinth 
  • 2014 Help The Frigid Counting House
  • 2012 Rogue The Stand
  • 2009 Trouble Gilded Balloon
  • 2008 Irish American Gilded Balloon
  • 2007 Help (with Niamh Tiernan) Gilded Balloon